This guide is a collection of information gathered over the years by the many members of Glock I.D. or as we like to refer to it as “GID”.  

There is a lot of information, how-to guides, tips and tricks contained within this site. Feel free to browse around and check out the various pages.

Special thanks to the members that put forth the effort and hard work to come up with the information contained in this guide.  Even if they no longer participate on the site on daily basis their contributions have made this guide possible.  Thanks to Superfair92, Smashius, Kaigani, Jrdraga, Bikerdog, Andyd56, Brandi26, Moongardener, Shanelien, SgtTVD, nglayton, ringster, DrNadler, JBrang, Gideon.

The Unofficial Guide was not created by Glock and therefore:

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Welcome to the “Unofficial” Guide to Glock I.D.